3rd International Workshop on Physiological Signal Processing

3rd International workshop on Physiological Signal Processing

14 March 2012

Yuan Ze University, Room 3304


Invited Speakers and Chairs

Dr. Karol Budohoski Cambridge University, UK

Dr. Shou-Zen, Fan National Taiwan University Hospital , Taiwan

Dr. Cheng-Wei, Lu Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Dr. Men-Tzung, Lo National Central University, Taiwan

Dr. Adam, Huang National Central University, Taiwan


Prof. Jiann-Shing, Shieh Head of Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of YZU

Prof. Bernard C. Jiang Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management & Vice President of YZU


Please mail your name, title and contact information to s970951@mail.yzu.edu.tw before March 10.


8:40~9:00  Registration
9:00~9:10 Opening Remarks by Vice President of YZU (Prof. Jiang)

Session Chair: Dr. Shou-Zen Fan (National TaiwanUniversity, Taiwan)

Dr. Karol Budohoski (Cambridge University, UK)

Monitoring autoregulation of cerebral blood flow following acute injury-From biomedical signals to patient management

10:40~11:00  Coffee Break

 Dr. Cheng-Wei Lu (Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Taiwan)

Complexity of Intracranial Pressure Correlates with Outcome after Traumatic Brain Injury

12:00~13:30  Lunch

 Session Chair: Prof. Jiann-Shing Shieh

 Dr. Men-Tzung Lo (National Central University, Taiwan) 

 Multimodal pressure-flow method to assess dynamics of cerebral autoregulation in stroke and hypertension


 Dr. Adam Huang (National Central University, Taiwan)

Visualization of Intracranial Arteries at the Skull Base for CT Angiography

14:30~14:50  Coffee Break

Prof. Bernard C. Jiang (Yuan Ze University, Taiwan)

Entropy-based Method for COP Data Analysis


Prof. Jiann- Shing Shieh (Yuan Ze University, Taiwan)

 Analysis of EEG Signals via Multivariate EMD for Depth of Anaesthesia Based on Sample Entropy


15:50~16:10  Panel Discussion